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About the page is developed and operated by Johan Nyman:
"I thought that it was really crappy that there wasn’t a proper results service for crosscountry skiing, so in the spring of 2009 I decided to take matters in my own hands and I started working on what was later to become"
The paged is built with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML and HTML.

About results

That may differ, organizers and users can upload their own result lists, but most results from races before 2013 are collected from result lists on the web.
There may be several reason for missing results from a race:
  • We have forgotten to publish them/missed that the race took place
  • The result list published by the organizers was of poor quality
  • The organizers don’t want to publish the results on

If you want to add a race to, please contact us and attach a link to the result list and we will look at it.

Official results

means that the results are uploaded or contributed by the organizer of the race.

Inoffial results

means that it is not the organizer who has uploaded the results, instead it has been done by a user or one of us at This means that there might be errors in the results.
If it is official results you may contact the organizer (contact info is found on the race page), if it is inofficial results you may contact us.
There are many ways you can add a race and upload a result list. You can upload result files from the most common timing programs but also ordinairy text.
Go to the upload page.
  • DNS= Did Not Start
  • DNF= Did Not Finish
  • DSQ= Disqualified

Ranking points

Your total ranking points is the average of your 4 best points on races the last 4 years. The value of points older than 1 year decay with a factor of 0.9 each year. A 3 years old result witch then was worth 90p is today only worth 90*0.9^3 = 65p. The ranking points are updated weekly.
Your total ranking points are recalculated weekly the night between tuesday and wednesday.
You are given a ranking when you have participated in at least 4 races the last 4 years.
Classes up to age 16 are not given ranking points.
For the results to be qualfied for ranking points, the race has to satisfy some requirements:
  • The result list must contain times and distances
  • Some kind of races are not given any ranking points, sprint races, skicross and relays among others
  • If the times are unfair due to snow and weather conditions the results may not be qualified
The ranking system is under development and there are some situations when the system can give unfairly high/low points. Contact us and tell us about the problem and we will look closer at it!
It is probably due to an error in the result list or a foible in the ranking system, contact us and tell us about the problem and we will look closer at it!

About administration

The differences between open and closed races are
  • that all logged in users can add/edit information and results in open races
  • only the race’s administrators can add/edit information and results in closed races

A race is considered open if it doesn’t have any administrators assigned to it, otherwise it is considered closed.